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Stonecom Credit Card Policies

Stonecom Radio is proud to offer marketing services to partners like you. Should you have any questions about your agreement or billing, please consult your marketing representative. You may also contact our Business Office, via phone at (931) 528-6064 or via email.

Methods: Stonecom provides marketing services and commercial time on our four radio stations. Advertising is purchased through a signed sales agreement. The price and delivery of a marketing schedule varies based on each individual sales agreement. For questions, please see your personal marketing representative. The Advertisers’ products and/or services are subject to the Broadcasters’ prior approval, in his sole discretion

Credit Approval: Each Stonecom marketing agreement is subject to credit approval. A $25 fee will be charged on any returned check or any declined credit card transaction.

Cancellation: It is expressly understood that this contract is non-cancelable by the Advertiser without the express written permission of Stonecom. Broadcaster reserves the right to re-bill Advertiser for any unearned discounts in the event of non-performance per contract terms. Broadcaster may at his option decline to provide Advertiser with any broadcast services remaining due in the event of Advertiser’s failure to pay or for any other material violation of the terms of this agreement, with or without notice.

Refunds: Refunds can only be given on commercial schedules that have not yet aired. Refunds are handled via credit card or check and are processed within 30 days of notice.

Collections: Advertiser agrees that should it be necessary for Stonecom to refer the collection of this contract to any attorney or other professional collector, the Advertiser will be responsible for all attorney’s fees, collection and court costs.

Damages: Broadcaster shall not be held liable to the Advertiser for damages for any failure to provide all or any part of the broadcasting services under this contract as a result of acts of God, strikes, mechanical breakdown of equipment, news or weather emergency, public emergencies, programming change or legal restrictions.
In the event of such a failure to provide broadcast services, the Broadcaster may reschedule any missed commercials on an equivalent day within the same traditional daypart as originally scheduled set flight dates for equal compensation.

Privacy Statement: When you make a credit card purchase through Stonecom, we collect your name, address, phone number, email address, and credit card account information. Information is only collected when you choose to make a payment for advertising services online and is only used to accurately apply payments to your account. All transactions are processed through a gateway provider and are not stored or processed on our servers. We do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personal information.

Third Party Links: Stonecom does not include or offer third party products or services on our website.

Discrimination: The parties to this advertising agreement affirm that nothing in this agreement, or any of the actions, benefits and obligations relating to it, discriminate in any way on the basis of race or ethnicity.

Contact Us: If there are any questions regarding these policies, please contact us at (931) 528-6064 or at our studios located at 259 South Willow Ave, Cookeville TN 38501.